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Cary Takagaki

01.09.13 The social and religious environment in India at the time of the historical Buddha • Historical buddha was born in north side of India (now is Nepal) • Buddhism died out of India (only 0.8%) • Some of the Hindu traditions were brought to India by Aryans between 2000 & 1500 BCE (Aryan Invasions) • Aryans are also known as Indo-Europeans • The early texts of Hindu traditions are called the Vedas • Early Hindu tradition was based in a Caste system • Caste system is a social hierarchy • Brahmins (priests), Kshatriyas (warriors), Vaishyas (merchants), Shudras (farmers, workers and servants) • There are also the untouchables (not even considered in the caste system, they’re that low) • After death, it is believed that everyone is reincarnated • If someone’s action is good, they turn into something good. If their action is bad, they turn into something bad • This is linked to Karma. & Karma is considered ‘action’. (Everything is based on ac- tion) • Action is your intentional act. The effect such actions leave that influence the future of the actor • What reincarnates? The ‘Atma’. Which is translated as the ‘soul’ • It is considered that there i
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