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Lecture 6

buddhism lec6 notes

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Cary Takagaki

th Lecture 6 Buddhism February 8 2012Midterm next week check blackboard for mid term test guidelinethFebruary 15 midterm testDecline in Buddhism in indiathy Buddhism disappears out of Indian by the 12 centuryy Religious tolerance during the reign od ashokay King Asoka began to appreciate the true implication of the Buddhist relgion y Became more devoted to the Buddhist tradition y Buddhism spreads to the subcontinent of indiay Rock edicts of ashoka y Promote his ideas about religious tolerance in Buddhismy King ashoka honours members of all religious sectsy Promotes tolerance of all traditionsrdy Around the 3 century Buddhism flourished the subcontinent of indiay The rise of the Mahayanay The Mahayana schools the yogachara an the nagardunay Began to spread to the north westy We can see this through the influence of Buddhist artthy In the 4 century we have accounts by Chinese Buddhist monksy They start writing accounts of their journeys in Indian Fahsien writes in the common area that Buddhism still seems to be flourishing in India y Fahsien Chinese Buddhistopens up the window to the gupta age nomadic so they lefty Fahsien traveled through the Ganges plainthy Another chiense monk goes to India in the 7 centuryy Hsuantsang he reports he sees a decline in Buddhism in iniday He noticed in the south that a lot of monasteries were destroyedthy 712 Muslim Turks invade northwestern and western Indiabeginning of the 8 century the Turks invade the north and destroy Buddhist temples and monasteriesy Lay Buddhist community began to look for inspiration else where because the philosophical ideas lost contact with ordinary people it became to difficult and was to philosophicaly Too abstract so ordinary people sought other traditions were the rituals were more accessibley Lost of contact is another reason why Buddhism starts to disappear in Indiathy By the 12 century the muslim turks invade India again an the universities monastic sangha and communities were destroyed thy By the 13 century Buddhism was basically gone in Indiay Establishment of Muslim roots in India y Political and religious statementy Coexist had to follow they could not possibly conquer India because of the strong Hindu traditiony Hindus make up 80 percent Muslims 13 percent and Buddhist less than 1 percent in Indiay Buddhism spreads to china y Buddhism comes to china around the first century of the common eray During the Yung Ping era the emperor had a dream about a golden man the Buddha subject of the emperor dreamy The assistant at the academy along with others went to India to make inquiries about Buddhismy Kasayapa Matanga spread dharmay Buddhism was brought through merchants from central asia through a trade group called the silk road which developed before the reign of Yung Pingy The silk road was a route for trading all types of products the main commodity is silk
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