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RLG332 Essay 2 Movie Notes

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University of Toronto Mississauga
David Penner

Pans Labyrinth Ofelia reads fairy tales loves stories about princesseshad to perform three tests to be a good person that the power sees in youComparison to the religious scripturessimilarity with filmThree commands for princess to perform and to behave is similar to the religious tests to know how to behave The fairy tale comes alive the tests become real to her Not abstract it is something she had to do Reading of the story is not meaningful she has to LIVE ITsense of what it is to live princesshas to pass all the tests those which she rejectschoose to fail testrealizes that living to the latter doing exactly what is being told and not about the spirit is hardrejects the command and in turn becomes FREE free from the textual commands religiousscripturesTHIS IS THE REAL TEXT We are commanded by the Torah Quran and New Testament to love god and neighboursTo do something good or bad solely because we are told to do soDifference is in the livingTHE ENACTMENT must do wellgood because you love it not because youre told to do so Ofelia must confront that commandis secondary even if it promises rewardslet go of command and live in accordance with what it really means its about sacrifices submission of will love charity Moving into the eyes of a child its a story of coming with mother to live with a sadistic stepfather in Spain
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