RLG332H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Crime Film, Literal And Figurative Language

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10 Aug 2016
Blue Velvet
What is it that makes inherit the wind – religion in film and dialogue
- Theological
- What makes matrix religion in film?
oReligious elements present – uses theological element to structure the plot
oBut inherit the winds opens up a discussion about them – use realism to
structure the plot ( real events) – put religion in conversation
oGOin clear – using cinema to critique elements in one narrative – its not a
discussion it’s a presentation of a problem
oInherit the wind – it’s a discussion ( good vs bad)
Blue velvet
- Dialogue between religion and film
- Discussion happens at the level of allegory
- From latin allegorin” veiled language”, or “ figurative language” ( platoon – Christian
allegory : alias –elijah Chris – Christ – allegory between new and old testimony ) –
modern allegory ( chronicles of NArinia ) – moral messages by Christian elements
- Complete narrative trhought it’s symbolism
- Involves notion of the real
- Mythological and ideological perspectives
- Theological way ( the cave) : teachings of buddha– man outside sees the light – some
follow some don’t ---- Christ – desert – realizes potential – light they encounter is the
god itself ( god is always light)
- Mythological way of reading (CAVE) – prisoner goes outside,
oLuke unaware of his potential – kids
oPrisoner – trying to make these people believe ) battle ) – other people don’t
understand how this works –
- Challeneges- out of the cave struggle to make everyone believe him
oPsychological journey – separate ourselves from herd – see our light and bring it
abck to world- discovering your own talents and giving it back to the world
- IDEOLOGICAL – shadows are what religion is – way of obscuring us from a deeper
political critique
- Can be used to conduse /disturb theological and mythological stories ( blue velvet –
redemption is exposed as faith)
- Like we saw in matrix revolutions the very story of redemption can expose itself as a
simulation – a fake
- What we find in blue vel is similar disruptions of allegory, but now all the theological
and mythological signs are undecipherable and reduces to palstique and cliché
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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