RLG332H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Fake Love, Literal And Figurative Language

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13 Aug 2016
Lecture 11 RLG332 August 10, 2016
Blue Velvet
Puts religion and film into dialogue by exposing religions ability to inform contemporary culture
and explore its redemptive value
“veiled language” or “figurative language”
“Chronicles of Narnia” have allegories have deeper Christian meanings and provide a moral
Think of the allegories for “Platoon” Elias, Chris, Barnes etc.
The allegory of the cave is the best example of this
“Blue Velvet” tries to use allegory in the ideological sense
oIt is a Pastiche: an artistic work that mimics a work from another time
Blue Velvet- Background
Uses film noir tropes with antiheroes and a crime drama
Uses low-key lighting, striking use of light and shadows and weird camera placement
Could also be called psychology, surrealist and horror- essentially called neo-noir films
Blue Velvet- Allegory
Film starts with the “Death of the father”- Christian trope with a generic town shown and then
bugs underneath
oCould indicate the use of opposites
Think of Jeffery and Sandy as Adam and Eve, respectively (from the film)
oJeff finds himself lost in a world of mystery after finding an ear
oThere’s a scene where he peers out into the world, like we do looking out into a world
without significance
Blue Velvet- Semantic Triangle
when Jeff’s dad is incapacitated, then his world essentially turns upside down
oit could be an allegory to the importance his dad plays in his life
Blue Velvet- Allegory again
Time is disturbed in the film
It is especially shown in Dorothy Vallens apartment
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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