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Kenneth Derry

- Essay/Assignment o Grading rubric will be given o Parables are NOT themes o READ THE INSTRUCTIONS - Bible o Bible vs. biblical  Although Bible is a book, doesn’t need to be italicize o Don’t make up your own abbreviations o Most of the time, don’t need to cite Bible verses, but actually just Desjardins book o If not from Desjardins, no need to cite publisher, just include translation/version in st 1 one you use  (…NRSV) - References o Cite all references, not just direct quotes o In text citations  Only page numbers is required if text is clear with author or text o Book title: italics, story title in quotation (FWC)  Desjardins book title o Include [original] and (recent) publication date + translator o Publisher, don’t need to add “Ltd” or “Press” - Writing = learning! o Itself is thinking when you’re writing and then it comes out of your head, then it seems different and then you change it o It’s part of the thought process o Writing a coherent paragraph! o Read things out loud! To figure out what’s wrong o Don’t try to sound “academic” o Good ideas, sound reasoning and be clear!  Don’t sound smart with words you don’t know o Desjardins has never written anything that average people did not understand o Use your own voice! Unless you’re a racist or something o We are implicitly told to be essay cyborgs by the university culture (don’t do it!) o Indent start of each paragraph o Use PRESENT tense for Bible and literature  When Jesus “tells” the disciples… o Don’t use “ex.” It means NOTHING! Use e.g.,
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