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Kenneth Derry

- Outlines o Need to include the original publication date as well o Titles are italicize o Watch out for spellings of authors and the book o Gesture towards a POINT (main issue) o Ex. Desjardins’ parables/women in NT  Peace and violence theme in his book  Consistent element in parables that push against violence o Half the people are doing TLP and parables o Parables does not equal theme  What’s a parable? Story with main message  Parables are USED to convey themes o You’re not committed to your outline; can change everything and continue to consult prof - Colonialism o Review of last week o Two types of Christian views on Indigenous views  Noble Savage  Canaanites o Nobody hears the voices of Aboriginal women, followed by Aboriginal voices… and often times women voices are also not heard because it’s always the men’s voices that gets heard - Indigenous Christianity o Separating the people from the religion itself o Human relationships > doctrine, theories, morality  Morality only matters in terms of the context to the community  Lots of sexual partners = no problem! (as long as you’re not hurting anyone) o Different from Martin Luther’s which is beliefs > practices/acts o Everybody is born good “original blessing”  Depending on what you believe in, it will affect how you view and treat people o Dualism: complementary vs. conflict  Complementary: Taoist; not fight death, life is wonderful but death is important too  Conflict: good vs. evil; God vs. Devil o Not a lot of enemies in their book  Humour, pathos, but no rants o Similar to worldview in F&Z  Franny is focused on conflict dualism  Zooey is pulling her towards complementary dualism in which everybody is suffering and that we’re all in common o Alienation, judgment and it’s us vs. them in terms of some professors’ against the students (their conflicting relationships) - Gender o Bible  All men, all the time
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