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University of Toronto Mississauga
Kenneth Derry

- How does the maple cookies relate to the Four quartets? o “mid winter spring” o Maple syrup occurs in Spring from the tree saps o “Little Gidding”  The soul’s sap quivers o Wind and spirit is the same in Greek o “born again” also means “born from above”  Play on words in the Bible  What Jesus said was often misinterpreted because there are different meanings to the same Greek words - Pentecostal o 50 days after Passover (when Jesus died as well) o NT is about Jews celebrating/doing things because they believe Jesus is the Jewish Messiah o Pentecostal is a Jewish thing first, not Christian - Course philosophy o Religion and culture  How Christian Bible are seen/portrayed in literature; on prominent biblical theme  Some connections could be explicit or implicit (imagined it based on preconceived notions/ideologies)  Ex. The original Rocky movie with Christ figures o “Meaning”  Interpreting questions and then asks about the meanings  Value and significance • What’s important in life? What’s meaningful? • All the literature text shows this dilemma of discovering what is meaningful in particular character’s life o A lot of things are connected and linked; not just see things in isolation - Reading prep o First Wives Club  Most people said they prefer FWC’s perspective  Most chose Erotica, Canoe story • Women was validated in FWC • We are brainwashed to think Bible portrayed women in a bad light  Goodbye Snauq • Colonization in Canaan • Jew slaves in Egypt and Aboriginal as slaves in America • Destruction of temple and overtaking Native’s land  Whale story • Agent of God’s wrath • Sacredness of nature - Four quartets o People thought the poem was mainly positive or viewed it in a positive light but it’s actually a depressing and dark poem o “We don’t suffer because of God” but veering off from God’s path and then we’ll suffer  Sin teaches us; when we sin, we suffer and tells us we’re on the wrong path and away from joy, happiness, etc; o Paul says don’t get hung up on what’s to come, but focus on the moment  Also relates to the time references in the four quartets which says not to focus on the past and future, bu
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