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Kenneth Derry

- New Essay deadline o April 3 (with feedbacks) o April 10 (due date without late penalty or feedbacks) - EXAM JAM (April 7) - Final Exam o Essay type questions o Synthesizes Bible with literary readings - Body language affects how you feel and influences hormone levels o Testosterone (higher the better)  energy o Cortisol (lower the better)  stress o What we do on the outside affects how we feel on the inside  Open up yourself to increase testosterone and lower cortisol levels  Put yourself in fetal/closed off position to decrease testosterone and increase cortisol levels  Similarly, in Franny and Zooey, Franny always curls up in a fetal position which made her sad and depressed - Franny and Zooey o Do you identify with Franny?  Seeing people around us as phony but this could be flip around on you towards how other people may see you o Frustrated with university?  High school doesn’t prepare you for university  People are all complaining about university professors in particular to life sciences/business courses as opposed to history type courses who needs students and profs who seems to care more for students o Often times we like to take sides of certain perspectives like the debate of which school is better, or even which UofT campus is better  People often has this myth that UTM is not as good as UTSG  This gives students here an internalized notions of being second class which can be advantageous so that you overcome those wrong notions just as people who hold top positions or CEOs of companies out there were once disadvantaged (orphans, poor, etc;) and now become highly disadvantaged  People here are more friendly and even the staff are more collaborative o Parallel with Eden? o Questions of identity and meaning  Most of us are struggling with this right now - Grace o Theological definition: unmerited gift of God  Worthiness is irrelevant  About the giver, not the recipient  You may or may not deserve it o Dependence of people on fortune  Lack of ego  Athletes are superstars but they don’t do it themselves; there’s a lot of luck and other things involved • We often think we earn what we have, but there are so many
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