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Lecture 3

RLG340 Lecture 3 - Theologians

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Adam Lehto

RLG340 Lecture 3 September 22 2011Theology Presentation The theologiansAthanasius Barlaam Gregory of Nyssa Answers to 1 Indecisive because they are trying to get something new from God God its hard to understand Him from a physical point of view its not something scientific or physical The encounter is possible from energies deificationtranscending oneselfbut you have to submit to the authority you cant do your own deification still need to be in the sacraments Deification author keeps making fun of the western he says the western is stuck on the mind intellectual proposition He says that theology is experiencing God not doing it with rulesGods relationship with man the human mind cannot reach Gods present God is not material so we have to get to God through the soul and transcending to God They say that it is something Scripture Revelation they had a lot of controversy about revelation the emperor was saying they were the faith so he is trying to even out himself into the scripture You need to experience what is in the faith Do you need to be under the sacraments and bishops to see the revelations and mysticismo We got this thousand years of theological grounds how true is the vision We can look back or we can look forward o We can be mysticism nowAnswer 2Would it have been a good thing if they were together They were not really apart
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