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RLG 347 3/11/11
Attack on ox
Seed of ox is brought to moon and purified
From seed many animals were born
Attack on Gayomard
Does not die right away
Dies 30 years later because it was his destiny
Several metals came from his body
Fecundated the earth and first couple was born in form of rhubarb plant
Dealt with in bundahishn and based on zand
Bundahishn starts with dealing with cosmogony and ends in dealing with
Bundahishn chapt 33 and 34 (36 total chapters but 35 and 36 were added in)
Doctrines of Bundahishn consistent with Avestan doctrines
Chapter 33
Mentions the main events of each millennium
Mythical events and real history are intertwined
Events follow a pattern: initially good conditions, then crisis, then solution to
iran in the text means the area of Sassanian empire named iran for first time
in this period
Text presents events as forcasted in the Avesta not true, function of this fiction
was to give relief to readers and listeners of text
Readers gained trust in the Avesta by learning that real past and present events
were forcasted and readers were relieved to hear that troubles will eventually be
Events of the first 3 millennia are briefly overviewed
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