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Invasions of Mahmud of Ghazni, 1025 CE  Start of encounter is invasions  Mahmud of Ghazni waas early important figure  Wasn't interested in establishing empire, more on raiding  Launched total of 17 campaigns  1175 Mahomad of Goor (?) tried establishing his own empire from Mahmud's conquered places  Had a fight with Rajputs (?) in Tar...  Established of Delhi Sultanate (early 13th cent)  One of most important things about them is have transregional empire: when it was established they were small regional kingdoms (Guptas were major empire that had united India but at this point when Delhi Sultanates were established were regional) o Through victories expanded rule through North India and later Ala al-Din Khalji took South India (?) Campaigns of Ala al-Din Khalji  Military expertise  Conquered the Yadavas in 1310-11 which was chronicles by Amir Khusrau (famous persain poet)  Mughal century Is more well known but early period is here can see first encounter where people are new (once community has been around, certain styles of religious practice and litarary culture, that's different type of encounter) o Here someone who practices different religious rituals, speak another language and hat not, how do you understand them Muhammad Tughluq  Downfall of Delhi Sultanate o Power expanding rapidly and they didn't rule the way modern times do o Had loose relationship …  He trie to over expand and shifted captial to Daulatabad in 14th centrury and there was a lot of power and the Delhi Sultanate collapsed  Wasn't case that there were only Muslim rulers: Founding of Vijayanagara  Was established in 1345 CE, another group of rulers  25 years later have this empire in south which is influenced by Islamic forms of power (impacted by Islamic power though considered hindu) Regional Sultanates o Bijapur o Ahmadnagar o Berar o Bidar o Golconda o Malwa o Gujarat o Kashmir Akbar and the rise of the Mughal Empire  Born in Sind in 1542 o Didn't establish the empire but made it a great empire and conquered land  Sultanate collapsed and have regional Sultanates and then have Mughal empire  Akbar was dynamic figure  Consolidation of vast empire stretching from Helm
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