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Jayne Baker

January 15, 2013 Theory 1 Continued… Structural Functionalism Conflict Theory Symbolic Interactionism Feminist Theory Symbolic Interactionism - Max Weber: built a career around criticizing Karl Marx - Wasn’t against everything Marx said, but he said Marx got a few things wrong. - Marx: key movers in society are bourgeoisie and proletariat and you have to look at conflict between two classes in order to find society’s ‘meaning’ - Weber wrote approx. a century later than Marx. - Weber: Middle class provide stability in society, they mediate conflict between upper and lower. - The stronger the middle class, the less conflict in society  The first to promote middle class was Aristotle - Marx thought the system of capitalism and distinction between proletarians and bourgeoisie would disappear. - Weber said it probably wouldn’t happen, especially in the West - Weber is often pointed out as one key movers of symbolic interactionism - Weber emphasized social microstructures between people - Sociologists should focus on meaning that is produced through our interactions with one another. - Other sociologists: Start with big picture and work down to small picture - Weber: start with small picture and work our way up - Weber gave a critique of a theory called Structural Determinism - Structural Determinism: Individuals are mere by-products of the socialization processes we have gone through, no autonomy as individual and our interactionism between each other is already predetermined. - One’s feeling and interactions, the way we behave, how well we do in school is determined by class background - There is some evidence that this is partially correct January 15, 2013 - Structural Determinism: we have already been put in a role and therefore, our role in society, the way we act, our success, the things we like, etc. are already set for us. - Weber: If we focus on too much social structures, then individual autonomy starts to become a race. Goffman’s Dramaturgical Model - Ervin Goffman (1922-1982) - Canadian sociologist - Famous for coming up with ‘Dramaturgical Approach’ Model - Enormous impact on sociology, especially Social Interactionism - Our social interactions with each other take place through a series of performances - As if we live our lives on stage, similar
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