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Jayne Baker

January 29, 2013 Socialization Sociologists: Not just about moving on in life, it’s also about how we learn our culture and interact with other people - We learn about ourselves - This is what makes us distinctly sociological - It’s not like we’re born and we have this personality that unfolds - The idea is that our personality develops in relation to our world (the society we interact with) - Socialization happens from the moment that we’re born  Example: They took a baby (the same baby) and changed the baby’s outfit (male and female)  People reacted differently to stereotypically male and female clothing  When the baby wore female people wre more gentle and used goo goo gaga talk  When the baby was dressed in male clothes, people talked in more normal voices and more interactive  ToysRUs: Prof saw a father freaking out over son liking a doll  Teaching son that boys shouldn’t like dolls, dolls are ‘girly’, gender roles (should and shouldn’t),  From an early age there is a different meaning from being a boy to being a girl.  In an almost indirect kind of way, the father is teaching the son to be ‘male’  There were distinctions in the layout which suggested that the toy store is socializing children to think differently  These things can send a message  These things can be taken advantaged of - Feral child: A person who’s been raised by animals (wolves?) - Feral Children  Southern France  1970s movie called Wild Boy about feral boy named  Jean mark Gaspard detard  Named boy Victor - Feral children don’t learn language January 29, 2013 - They don’t carry themselves in the way we would, therefore we learn how to carry ourselves from others - We could point to culture as a key component - Feral children - Nature vs. Nurture?  Sociologists generally believe nuture plays significant role  A key part of our development is socialization  We’re a product of society and interactions  Sociologists take critical view of work that over biology How does socialization happen? - Freud’s Stages of Development - Cooley’s Looking-Glass Self - Mead’s I and Me - All three begin with the belive that social interaction has the most significant role in helping children be raised - They all have different theories pon how this interaction happens - Cooley’s Looking Glass Self  Reasons: Social pressures, body image, insecurities, being afraid of being judged by their peers, having a stong image of masculinity
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