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Lecture 8

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Jayne Baker

February 5, 2013 Crime and Deviance Cash, Crime, and Context In the-Streets and the Suites by Nathan Innocente Objectives - How do we explain crime? - Foreground factors: things right now that make us commit crime (Ex. Pressures to make good grades make us use drugs) - Background factors: things in the past that make us commit crime today. Toronto Street Youth - In any given year there’s 10,000 homeless youth - On any given day, 1,500-2,000 homeless youth - Compared to high school youths  Older  Male  Poorer class backgrounds  Family and school troubles  Delinquency at home  Absence of one biological parent - How do we explain this? Why are they engaging in so much crime?  Desperation Street Youth and Adversity - The conditions of the street (adversity) - Youth need to survive (shelter, food, money, safety, hygiene) - When youth come on the street, crime explodes ( - Background factors don’t matter, the immediate foreground conditions means you will engage in a whole lot of crime - Background factors don’t make a difference. - Poverty, desire for something you don’t have, influence from your peers, when you don’t have a choice, bad parenting- factors that can make an individual commit crime. Background Factors - Being in wrong crowd - No ties to school. Family, friends etc. - Stigmas and labels - Poor parenting February 5, 2013 - Bad conditions - Social inequalities (rich vs. poor) - Inabilities to achieve goals, no opportunities Making Money - Vast majority of youth want paid work - Street youth with legitimate jobs have the best chance of survival. - Not picky, will take any work - At a huge disadvantage in finding a job  Lack of education  Physical appearance (what will they wear to work?)  Lack of skills  Lack of drive  How will they get to their job?  No access to facilities (How will they print resume? Phon
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