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Lecture 10

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Jayne Baker

February 12, 2013 Stratification Part II Test Two - 40 minutes - 30 M/C - Student card and pencil - 6 from lecture only - 24 from textbook only or lecture and textbook Class in Canada - What does class look like in Canada? Upper U-M+Avg Working Under - About a third are in working class - Names of all the classes - Upper class: income earned from wealth (ex. Stocks, real estate, investments, etc.); not necessarily a salary from their chief source of income.  Inherited wealth (old money) is one way: passed from one generation to another.  They can also create their own wealth (Mark Zuckerberg, - Working class: welfare - Working poor: not working a job, experiencing poverty while experiencing employment. - Education can improve the quality of life. It is the key to mobility February 12, 2013 Education and SES - As family SES increases, the likelihood of attending university increases. - Graph shows that SES has a major impact on education - From age 25-64, no high school education earns less than high school - College earns less than university - Connected to class backgrou
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