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Lecture 16

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Jayne Baker

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March 21, 2013 Education Today: - How is society shaped by the education system?  Can affect our life stages  Largely affected by school  Can affect the labour market (may be required to get a degree for your job) - How is education shaped by society?  Society’s expectations Social Mobility - Social mobility: Movement up or down the stratification system  Meritocracy: Achievement based on merit.  If you work hard, you succeed in life. Theoretical Perspectives - How does family background affect level of education? - Functionalist  Schools socialize and promote integration  Organized into groups  Private schools build kids into being powerful, future leaders.  Elite boarding schools: strip away and re-build identity  Identity: Leadership, importance and power  Shape a form of class solidarity  If a parent has the elite resources to get kids into an elite boarding school, then you may do so because it may help them in the future when getting into a top university, make networks with other important families, and give them the schools that you never had that will help them in the future. - Conflict  Education system is unequal in terms of how it treats students, in terms of accessibility (there are some obstacles for students accessing higher education), and there’s a difference on what students can learn and get from education.  Power relations are seen where some have less power and some have more power in the education system March 21, 2013  They would look at trends that would point to students experiencing or benefitting differently from the education system.  Some students experience education system differently  It depends on what you specialize in when you get jobs if you go to university (for pay wages). Educational Attainment on SES - The “payoff” to a university education varies by field of study  Examples (2006 data):  Average income for uni grad aged 26-35= $42,176  Average income for male with nursing degree aged 26- 35= $53, 764  Average income for female with film studies degree aged 26-35= $25, 447  Average income for female with high school aged 26- 35= $19, 000 - Education can have a strong influence on your socioeconomic status, but it varies. - One’s own background can have an influence on one’s own
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