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Lecture 17

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Jayne Baker

March 26, 2013 Lecture 17 Media and Mass Media Media: “Any formats or vehicles that carry, present, or communicate information.” (Conley 2013: 94) Mass: to large audiences  First form of mass media…?  Larger audiences receive information First form of mass media was books The printing press happened in the 15 century and it opened more opportunities for mass media. Different audiences, messages, etc. Media Effects - The effect of media is demonstrated in this table - There are intended media effects and some are long term media effects. March 26, 2013 - Short term intended media effects include commercials, which can make kids or people want something.  Fairly immediate effect  There‟s an intent to cause something.  Sociologists are interested in terms of how this produce consumers and how this contributes to economization - Long term intended consequences  Reinforced over and over again through repeated exposure  No smoking campaigns, ideas or views, etc.  Long term intended media effects: intend to promote national pride (Canadian commercials that demonstrates country‟s history). - Long term unintended consequences  Desensitization  Sexist, racist imagery in the media  We watch things now that were deemed inappropriate in older times. - Short term unintended media effects  Doom: First first-person-shooter game to exist  Came out in 1993 Doom First-person shooter video game and violence/aggression  1993, a lot of concern about the potential effect of this kind of media  When a string of school shootings happened in the 90s, everyone blamed Doom.  During 90s, more and more of children‟s lives included video games.  Many families therefore had consoles and video games in their house.  Using video games is the scapegoat or explanation for violence in children. Video games and school shootings What has sociological research found?  Correlation versus Causation  Correlation: Relationship between two or more things, however, they don‟t cause something to happen with the other. March 26, 2013  C
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