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Lecture 18

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Jayne Baker

March 28, 2013 Environment and Social Movements Environment: Climate Change/Global Warming - An Inconvenient Truth - Is Toronto addressing global warming? - Report to the Parks and Environment Committee - Chair and Councillor Norm Kelly  Doesn’t believe in global warming  “Life is so complex that it’s very difficult to get a handle on blah blah.” Genetic Pollution - Recombinant DNA, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)  Long term health impacts on organisms including humans  They present short term gains in increased yield  Big risk is wiping out all non-genetically modified species.  Issues  Farmers internationally cultivate seeds and change them to make them better all the time  Some argue that this is a type of genetic modification  Challenging for small scale production  I need notes from Jia. - Monsanto Inequality and Biotechnology - Small farmers adversely affected by agribusiness and seed market domination by multinationals - Illegal to save seeds… WHAT?! Social Distribution of Risk - Attawapiskat First Nations community and DeBeers  Have an ogoing struggle with mining and poor living conditions  Something opned the diamond mine  They spent approx. $1mil  On Attawapiskat  Traditionally they hunt
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