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Jayne Baker

Life Expectancy: the average age at death of members of a population • something is going on country to country that has an impact on life expectancy Social factors affecting life expectancy • Life style ⁃ smoking, alcohol and drug use, not enough exercise ⁃ social isolation ⁃ also a life style factor related to premature death ⁃ not having a lot of people around them, not involved in a community ⁃ ex: death of a spouse or unmarried people ⁃ social isolation can lead to depression…leading to poor health • Factors related to public health and heath care ⁃ public health: government run programs ensuring access to things like basic sanitation services and clean drinking water ⁃ public health in canada: established for decades in a way that is impossible in other developing countries. 1/6 of other countries don’t have clean drinking water ⁃ seems basic in canada but research shows that this is very important. ⁃ having clean water has a big impact on health and life expectancy ⁃ health care: hospitals, clinics, places you go to receive care ⁃ also vary country to country ⁃ meant to insure a minimum standard of care that will contribute good health ⁃ canada spends 70% of public spending on our health care system ⁃ a country spending lots of money on health care doesn’t mean that members of this country receive better health..ex: USA ⁃ NationalWealthandHealthcare: ⁃ Wealthy countries do not necessarily mean good health ⁃ the US is marked by more social inequality than in canada ⁃ countries with social inequality gaps have a better chance of poor health ⁃
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