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Lecture 9

SOC100H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Socioeconomic Status, Social Inequality

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Jayne Baker

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February 7, 2013
some people think class is just about money/income
“class” is most associated with Karl Marx.
sociology: more than just income.
Socioeconomic status: income, wealth, occupation prestige, years of schooling
income; money made through job
wealth: assets
Class is considered and achieved trait in Canada
is social inequality inevitable?
functionalist: inequality is functional for society.
some jobs are socially more important that others; rewarded better
natural by-product of people working in more or less important jobs and rewarded differently
inequality is inevitable
Marx: not inevitable, nor is it desirable
need to get rid of capitalism
Absolute poverty: level of income essential to survive. Measure of if you can afford to purchase
essentials for survival
Relative poverty: judged relative to others. Often measured via income