Things Sociologists Like to study Lecture Notes

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12 Dec 2010

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Nov. 10 lecture
Things that sociologist like to study
commonsensical ideas 1. Must have 2 parents, 2. Blame the wife, 3.same sex marriage
destroys the family
Many single parent families back in the day cuz many were dying of disease and also
many wars so the men were off fighting wars many times and were often killed.
Hard for the woman to remarry. Single parent families is not new, it is part of
history it is now just done with divorce where in the past it was hardly done.
Nuclear (conjugal) family: most common form of families. Modern family: 2 opposite
gendered families living with their children (atleast 1) where the man earns the
income and the woman primarily takes care of the domestic work (modern day idea).
Only referred to do the middle class because in the working class the woman also
worked. This idea didnt last long since of economic ideas. Children are expensive
and as a result it usually requires two income makers.
Most families EXTENDED (idea pre industrialism): grandparents, siblings, huge
families lived together who produced their own survival therefore the more hands to
help in the work the better so they tried to have big families. No evidence tht this is
the norm back in the day.
Dysfunctional (atypical) families: 1 parent or no children or other differences
Single Female Parents are greatest majority at or below the poverty line
Approx 9 mil families without children living together (?)
Approx 5 mil have children (?)
Hence having children is not the main reason for marriage
Rate of divorce went up 9x recently because of the family law reform act of 1968. At
that time only reason to get a divorce is the MAN accuses the wife of adultery so
very few were able to obtain divorce. But after that many other reasons were
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