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Feminism Lecture Notes

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Barry Green

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(IG=in general)
Sociology notes
-the theory of patriarchy that came out o feminism didnt come out until 40 year ago
(1970s). Very recent according to the history of sociology
- Women werent mentioned in sociology until the late 70s except when involving family
cause that was the only role they were given
-has a lot of research to back it
- revolutionary
- a theory of gender inequality
-Marxists argue that social/class relations are most important; feminism argues gender
inequality to be more important
- 3 most common variables of inequality: race, class, and gender (IG)
- Inequality is when a group or some groups in a social world have more of something than
another group (power, money, etc.)
-difference is when different groups have differences between them such as jobs
-Control over others (based on a theory called patriarchy which discusses male domination
over all aspects of women lives but also there are many men that are controlled by more
powerful men)
-gender is defined as the social consequence of being male or female
- almost 50years ago women had their legal rights stripped away when she gets married.
-the creation of gender is the primary cause of all forms of inequality including control of
reproduction. Gender is hierarchical and that men usually have more power.
-“the powerless male: classical case where men are taught to be powerful and strong and
winners and to make money. If they dont make a good income, hate their bosses, and dont
win with women then it usually leads to domestic violence.
-middle class capitalist model
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