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21 Mar 2012
Stratification and education have been linked together by some sociologists as part of a major
social change since the Industrial Revolution. Please discuss this relationship and the theory that
supports it most. Then discuss a range of factors that both support and criticize the existence of
this relationship.
Carefully explain the meaning of the term "meritocracy" as Hale uses it. Provide the theoretical
justification behind the concept. Then provide a detailed discussion of whether or not
meritocracy best describes the Canadian society in terms of its system of stratification.
The ways in which societies deal with diversity is of particular interest to sociologists. Please
discuss the ways in which Canada has dealt with diversity. Then discuss the "pros" and "cons" of
those ways of dealing with diversity. Please give specific examples in terms of particular groups
in Canadian society.
Max Weber developed a theory of rationalization and applied it to a wide range of social
phenomena. Please discuss this theory of the social world and hoe it applies to bureaucratic
Relationship between stratification and education. Look at it through theories.
Discuss challenges associated with racial and ethnic diversity with respect to at least two of the
four sociological perspectives.
Discuss the political implications of the functionalist view of race and ethnicity and compare
those implications with Canadian multiculturalism.
Explain and discuss the challenges that sociologists have brought against the theory of
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