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18 Apr 2012
Durkheim & Moral Order p.167-187
October 13, 2011
- Durkheim responsible for statistical sociology
--> built the discipline of sociology in France
--> convinced government to fund research, graduate programs, etc.
- Durkheim always asked questions abt where did society come from?
--> wrote article abt religion (not statistical)
--> religion important in the construction of society
- 1st work b4 division of labour and society
--> wrote book called rules of sociological method
- clearly and simply explains how sociologists do sociology
- society more/less an idea (can't see, taste, touch, etc.)
- society can't be measured
- sociology = mass psychology
- How do you prove society exists?
-->society is not in the individual (if you could, then sociology doesn't need to exist; can use
- treat social facts as things (1st rule in his book)
- social facts = most common (repetitive, patterns, predictable) among population,
constraints (social control) on the individual
- social facts can be measurable (comparing statistics of actions)
- this is a precursor to Functionalism (not actually Functionalism)
- Durkheim did a scientific study of morality
--> society according to Durkheim is moral order
- what is reasonable / acceptable according to society
- moral order fundamental nature of surviving together
- society is relatively stable from yr to yr unless something major happens (greece)
- Next Book: Division of Labour and Society
--> based on Moral order
- Labour = roles (not necessarily work)
- Criminal law is repressive (main focus is to punish people)
--> crown prosecutes b/c crime is not only against victim, its also against the state
- private law = contract (as long its legal) - not presecuted by crown b/c doesn't
affect society; affects individual
- Blackberry + Durkheim.....
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