SOC100H5 Lecture Notes - Primitive Communism, Victimless Crime, Antithesis

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18 Apr 2012
Marx and Inequality
October 25, 2011
- "victimless crimes"
- incl. gambling, prostitution, etc.
- Marx was a Utopian thinker, his version of communism was perfect equality for
- slavery = everything is visible
- capitalism = nothing is obvious
- Marx not responsible for communism
- reason why Marx's work so important b/c talked about bottom line reality (ordinary
working conditions, etc.)
- Marx: bottom line is survival, and need to work to survive
- economics stems from basic, ordinary material survival
- work is in most cases, communal (we work together, ex. farming)
- whatever the mode of production is, it also involves a networking relationship
among the individuals working together
- everything derives from how they survive
- called historic materialism
- after primitive communism comes family slavery
- general slavery (conquer other ppl)
- most other sociology based on superstructure( class, structures, ideology)
- Marxism based on economic structures (material survival)
- history changes, not in a circle
- doesn't change quickly, spirals (slinky)
- movement up the slinky represents progress (slow) --> freedom
- what makes those changes for progress occur?
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