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Chapter 15 - Aging & the Elderly - pp.350-371

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Suzanne Casimiro

Aging & the Elderly: Chapter 15 05112010 15:19:00 Aging & The Elderly Greying of Canada the average age of the population if steadily going up The elderly population is increasing more than twice as fast as the population as a whole In Canada, the amount of elderly people have been increasing becase the birth rate has been declining due to families having fewer children Life expectancy has been rising as living standards have been rising Growing Old: Biology & Culture Biological & Psychological Changes are associated with aging Affluent elderly people experience fewer health problems than poor people Growing old does not result in an overall loss of intelligence or major changes in personality HOW elderly people are regarded is a matter of CULTURE Gerontology the study of aging and elderly people Age Stratification the unequal distribution of wealth, power and privilege among people at different stages of the life course. Gerontocracy - a form of social organization in which older people have the most wealth, power and prestige. Age Stratification: A Global Survey In hunting and gathering societies, survival depends on stamina, young and and old contribute less to society
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