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18 Apr 2012

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Max Weber - p.402-413
November 17, 2011
3 pieces of puzzle:
1. what is sociology? - we study meaningful (rational [makes sense in specific culture
doesnt have to be logical, social) action
2. 4 ideal types of action
ideal: models
1) Goal Oriented (Purposive)
2) Value Oriented (charitable work, getting degree, anything that involves set
of values)
3) Traditions
4) Affective Actions (Emotional)
3. Authority
1) Traditional authority (king, queen, chief, leader established by blood) -
>personal authority; rule as individuals
2) value oriented, religious authority, judges, experts b/c represent set of
3) goal oriented: rational legal authority (individuals dont rule, office they
occupy) legal system, constittution even corporations exist independently of ppl in it.
4) CHARISMATIC authority: person that ppl like, bcome followers of ppl w/it,
leaders very powerful
What is has to do w/ meaningful action? - we give authority to ppl, legitimate power
attempt to give ppl equality
power: able to get someone to do what u want
- new ideas = new meanings
- iron cage: social structure that doesn't change, like a prison for ppl living in it
- social structure they live in not part of their lives anymore, it becomes meaningless
why does social action lose meaning? - problem w/ ppl who have/seek power b/c
they dont change cuz it threatens their authority
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