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Chapter 19 - Religion - pp.457-477

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Suzanne Casimiro

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Deviance 08102010 12:48:00 Chapter Overview: This chapter illustrates how society encourages both conformity and deviance. Providing an introduction to crime and the criminal justice system. Deviance: standing out by not conforming to what is expected or normal, it is a reflection of both individual choice and the operation of norms within our society. Social Control: attempts by society to regulate peoples thoughts and behaviour Crime: the violation(s) of the criminal lawjustice system Criminal Justice System: a response by the police, courts, and prison officials to alleged violations of the law Theories of Deviance Biological Theories Focus on individual abnormality Human behaviour is explained as a result of biological instinct Criminal behaviour is linked to body type and genetic Psychological Theories Focuses on individual abnormality Deviance is the result of unsuccessful socialization **Biological and Psychological theories provide a limited understanding of crime and deviance because most violations that happen are done by normal people.
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