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Lecture 3

SOC100H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Bourgeoisie, Symbolic Interactionism, Determinism

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Jayne Baker

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Lecture 03: Sociological Theory
4 Historical Shifts
1. Growth of Science
- positivism: objective, value-free research
2. Industrial revolution/capitalism
3. Urbanization
4. Rise of states/political revolutions
Criteria of Sociological Theories
must have data
must be sociological
Structural Functionalism
Emile Durkheim
society is a complex system of parts working together
social solidarity: sharing beliefs, values, interactions
functions: manifest and latent
Conflict Theory/Marxism
Karl Marx
contradiction, conflict, change
bourgeoisie and proletariat
Structural Determinism
class, etc, determines place in society
Symbolic Interactionism
humans constantly modify/recreate society
symbol: idea that carries meaning
Goffman's Dramaturgical Theory: front and scene, frontstage and backstage
Dubois's Double Consciousness Theory: African Americans have no true self consciousness,
they see themselves through the eyes of white people but search to obtain a true self
Feminism: newer theory, often misunderstood
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