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SOC100H5 Lecture Notes - Die Sexualität Im Kulturkampf, Sex Organ, Premarital Sex

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Suzanne Casimiro

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October 5th
Sexuality and Society
Understanding Sexuality
-sexuality is not simply a matter of biology
oit is constructed by society and is an important part of everyday lives
Sex: A Biological Issue
-the biological distinction between men and women
-sex and the body:
oprimary sex characteristics: the genitals
osecondary sex characteristics: other bodily differences that distinguish
mature males and females
ointersexual people/hermaphrodites: people whose bodies, including
genitals, have both male and female characteristics
otranssexuals: people who feel they are one sex even though biologically they
are the other
Sex: A Cultural Issue
-gender is an element of culture
-refers to the personal traits and patterns of behaviour (including social opportunities and
privileges) that culture attaches to being female or male
-almost every sexual practise shows considerable variation from one society to another
Cultural Variation
-showing affection
-sexual positions and practises
-regulation of openness and timing of sexuality also varies
-the incest taboo
othe norm forbidding sexual relations or marriage between certain relatives
ovaries to a degree – cousins etc.
The Sexual Revolution
-Kinsey’s studies (1948, 1953) were bestsellers
ono one talked about sex
-youth culture (late 60’s) “If it feels good, do it”
-the pill (1960) removed fear of pregnancy
osex became more convenient
-new few remain abstinent till marriage
-the new chastity movement
The Sexual Counter-Revolution
-in 1980s – lets return to the olden times
-conservative call
ofor “family values”
oagainst practises associated with the spread of sexually transmitted diseases
became more highlighted and fear broke out – lets abstain
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