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University of Toronto Mississauga
Zachary Levinsky

March 6, 2013- Lecture **Governmentality is the conduct of conduct (Foucault)  With government it is a question of not imposing law on men, but of disposing things: that is to say, of employing tactics rather than laws, and even of using laws themselves as tactics- to arrange things in such a way that, through a certain number of means, such and such ends may be achieved… (Foucault)  We don’t know what the end of Governmentality is In a prison setting how do we see all types of power co-exist? Governing beyond state  state is limiting way to explain how we are governed (Rose)  cold monster/big brother metaphor restricting o miss other instances when we think of state as governing us  Disneyland- relation between governance and amusement parks o Not just the state in conducting our conduct o Embedded and consensual governing (aspects of control embedded)  Diverse sites (library to Disneyland to the state) o i.e. take out a book- metal detectors  yet shifts in underlying logic – crime prevention takes on new role Rose, N  how we go from liberalism, to welfarism (safety net; state could solve social problems) to advanced liberalism o chart shifts in Governmentality  welfarism- society can be programmed  welfarism- idea that state could programme society (could do certain things to make society better); shape, guide, control and channel people o criminal justice system- idea we can solve problem of crime and we can train people not to be criminal o expert knowledge becomes key; help us align with state goals (experts tell us how to behave to produce good/strong citizens) [not malicious or oppressive, it is productive]  i.e. fluoride in the water- helps strengthens your teeth; welfarism take on Governmentality o death of the social; not a ‘right-wing’ thing; idea was that there were critiques of welfare state from left and right  left critiques welfare state because of greater inequalities in the system (further inequalities designed really for social welfare)  right critiques welfare state because we essentially pick people that win or help people to win; not letting free market decide  welfarism symbolizes death of the social**- social as a way of governing conduct  no ultimate goals in Governmentality  social behaviour reconceived in economic terms o along lines of choice  entrepreneur- enterprising of the self comes to the forefront; continual process to reinvent yourself **self-realization/self-actualization**  from social state to enabling state; think of welfare state as a boat about rowing and steering o neo-liberal state- state does the steering but we do the rowing  new techniques of control o benchmarks and performance measures o audit and paper trails – audits become key technique of governance o identify those who cannot self-govern o demands of the customer- i.e. students as customers of education doing professor evaluations and professor having to adjust teaching styles accordingly o ‘new grids of visibility’ (pg. 153)- idea that everything is visible o Accountants- become experts o ‘litigious mentality’  Employees as entrepreneurs; no longer judged against ideal of permanent work  ‘employment must ceaselessly be earned’- seek out better skills training, no guarantee of jobs o Taking your own RRSPs as opposed to welfare state when the government did that for you o Star article- unstable jobs; change the safety nets we have because of changing ways we understand employment; endless training for constant job seeking (education has to train for particular job)  Prudentialism/ responsibalization ; certain things you should be responsible for 3 shifts to Advanced Liberalism 1. New relation between expertise and politics; techniques that scrutinize authority (i.e. audit)
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