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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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Paula Maurutto

SOC205-THEORIES OF CRIMINOLOGY LECTURE 7: 2/14/2014 Postmodern Explanations of Crime—Foucault Postmodern Criminal Thought: The end of Grand Narratives -from this perspective, crime is not simply a violation of formal law or an objective fact that can be discovered by using the scientific methods of study -crimes are linguistic constructions made by official intuitions -laws are structures of domination that have led to increased repression rather that liberty -Marxism is a grand theory -Post modernist’s are critical of this -can’t necessarily assumed everything is determined by economics mode of productions -critical observers argued that the state’s law and order efforts at correcting individual behavior were directed at those who were least able to resist the official language of the state -postmodernism opposed the intellectual and legal machinery of modernism and the conventional forms of legality, illegality and crime that criminology conventionally investigates Michel Focault -interest in prison and crime and how prison came into being -wrote Discipline and Punish -uses prisons to understand how larger power relations operate in society -interest came out of resistance and revolt that was happening in Europe in the 1960’s and 1970’s -was a prison rights activist -involved in the French Prison Active Group -was able to study the connection btw knowledge and power and law -ppl were revolting bc of treatment of prisoners (in Europe) Discipline and Punish-The Birth of the Prison st -the 1 chapters: starts the book with the torture of Damion in 1757 -depiction of execution in front of a crowd of ppl -this torture in public was thought as acceptable form of punishment -punishment is ritualistic, public, and spectacular -hangings and torturing of the bodyused this as a deterrence and fear in public so crimes will not be committed -every punishment had element of torture and pain and has to be public -this invokes the power of the King or Sovereign -if you don’t obey rule of King you will be subject to public torture -the 2 chapter: explains a different way of punishment (The Schedule) -your day is highly regimented -this is more of a timetable -saw it as u
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