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Paula Maurutto

MARCH 7 , soc 205 Point 3 of the conflict theory Older assumptions typically assume the law represented the collective will of the people was rejected, will is given up, collective will is seen as a ideological fabrication 4- crime figures- represent criminal behaviour, Marxist argue they reflected labelling or legal processes that define whos criminal CHAMBLISS Argued about various propositions, from this perspective, acts are defined as criminal, its not that ppl are innately criminal they are defined as criminal, laws that define criminal behaviour Members of the ruling class will be able to violate the laws with impunity while members of the subject class will be punished, concerned about the will of the ppl, certain groups of ppl are punished, penal institutions are there because of low levels of crime, illegal manipulation of crime, highly problematic, As capitalist socities industrialize, the gap increases between the wealthy and the working class, penal law will expand in an effort to coerce the proletariat into submission Crime reduces surplus labour by creating employment not only for the criminals by for law enforcers, Crime diverts the lower classes attention from the exploitation they experience and directs it toward, we see ppl who create welfare fraud, we don’t see how they are created, extreme legislation, makes it virtually impossible, if youre on welfare, if you have a relative, and buys your family groceries, you’re supposed to report that Crime is a reality which exists only as it is created by those in the society whose interests are served by its prescence There is the visa that we have equal rights, LIMITS OF MARXISM Capitalism is blamed for everything, to much of a narrow relation, without looking at economic mode of production, race, gender, result of the capitalist system, everything can be traced to the capitalist system, doesn’t look at other forms of capitalist relations, policial race theory, multiple forms of power relations Post modernist theory- the question is no longer on economic mode of production govern, expand governing practices, THE GENDERING OF CRIMINOLOGY – feminist theory No one feminist theory, there are theories, different perspectives, simpalistic analysis theories coming from latin America and Africa, that are developing on to the feminist theories, focus is on gender and how gender crime operates, HISTORY OF CRIMINOLOGY- one of the major critiques, major work is focused on men, and women are just tacked on, most of them focus on male crime, women engage in crime at a far lesser rate, 1 in 5 were women that were accused by police officers, women offend differently then men, women are likely to be repeat offenders but their crimes don’t increase in severity, MARCH 7 , soc 205 women because of the crimes they commit, under 5000, long histories but does not progress to more serious crimes, how women were different from criminal women, good women vs bad women, LOMBROSSO- female criminality was described as women not having fully developed or being inferior to man, in general considered primitive, they were not engaged in high rates of crime that men were engaged in, criminal women had more web like feet, later works started to focus on gender roles, WI THOMAS Men and women different, physiological differences, men had more energy, women who engaged in crime, the 20s and 30s were criminalized, because they were percied to be permiscuis, EDWARD SUTHERLAND Girls were less likely to enegage in crime, in involved sexual promiscuity, MERTONS STR
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