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Paula Maurutto

Soc205 Lecture#8 Postmodern Explanations of crime - Readings for this lecture are on blackboard Postmodern criminal thought: - Crime is not simply a violation of formal law or an objective fact that can be discovered using scientific method. o Crime is defined through a broad range of social relations - Crimes are linguistic constructions made by official institutions - Laws are structures .. - Critique: there is a general assumption that we have evolved or are evolving. They reject the enlightenment premise: society is evolving. We are not essentially becoming better, democracy and other liberal forms can also be punitive. They question evolutionary progression - Law can oppress certain individuals. Michel Foucault: - Discipline and punishment. - He worked on the prison reformed movement. - There were various revolts against prison, the way inmates were living the way they were treated and this lead to a whole series of revolts and questioning of the prison system. - His work on discipline and punishment is influenced by his role as an activist. - He became interested in how institutions are forms of power. - Discipline and punish: book o How prisons came about; the birth of prisons o 2 styles of punishment: torture vs the schedule o The different forms of torture that were enforced on an in
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