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Nicole Myers

SOC305 Feminism October 31 2012 Balfour Begins with a feminist critique of Foucault Suggesting that Foucault is not practical enough Suggests that we really need to be asking questions such as why, what can be done here o Rather than looking at the way power and knowledge is negotiated Talks about Reforms around prisons in the 1980 o We have reforms around prisons and how we manage offenders o Start having the recognition that a program that has been tested for men may not be applicable for women We cant just add women into this framework b/c women are different from men o Suggests that we need to do different programming for women o Found a lot of domestic violence in the 1980s and this wasnt a place for the state to intervene b/c it was a private matter Began too pen the door on this in saying that no it wasnt a private matter it is very much an act of violence and the state has a role in responding to violence o 1980s saw changes around the terminology around sexual assaults Rape was removed from the criminal code More gender neutral terms around sexual assault Says that there is a doubled edged nature to laws o some of the changes that come can be positive in many ways but can also be negative o then have the propagation of the liberation thesis notion that as women become equal to men they're more likely to commit criminal offences that as women spend more time out of the home and in the community or raising children/postponing children, that b/c we are liberating women they are more likely to offend like their male counterparts Belfour suggest that what we need is to reposition the narratives of women as subversive stories o Within these we seek challenges to power o Challenges to hegemony o Theses narrative are made very visible and explicit o Connections between individuals lives and the social organization of our community o In this way we are opening the doors to the feminism enterprise o Were moving away from very traditional ways of evidence As opposed to everything being reduced to numbers there is value and evidence that comes through peoples narratives o There is knowledge there that we cant get when simply looking at numberso These narrative then can be very powerful and subversive o It changes the way we talk and that is opens a discussion on the violence of the law Bittle Quote: o Suggesting that we need to dive into the openness of spaces, we need to explore the silences o that its feminists promises to fill in these silences and expose the gendered nature/experience Belfour is calling for a call for action and flows from her Foucault-dian view in that particular knowledges (what one may call traditional sociology), have served to undermine, to exclude, or to silence knowledge that have come in a different format o See this in the appeal to empirical knowledge, the appeal to hard numbers, and that somehow we start to diminish the importance of the narratives There is an encouragement to not speak for the oppressed, our researchers job is not to some in and speak on behalf, theyll speak for them, but rather give a voice to the marginalized With narratives the idea is keeping true to their words as possible and quoting directly Talks about the work of Chesney Lind o Seems to be very interested in trying to decouple to power knowledge of o Trying to break the link between those that are allowed to know (the expert) and understanding the impact that power and knowledge has on the type of knowledge that is propagated The concept of the narrative is often critiqued o One cri
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