SOC208H5 Lecture 2: lecture #2

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8 Feb 2016
Annotated Bibliography
Pick a topic and research question
5 scholarly journals to answer that question
Methods, main arguments, ndings, and how it helps you answer
They are social structures created by individuals that have
particular goals
Non-prot or non-governmental organizations
Religious, work, universities, and families are all organizations
Organizations are dominant characteristics of modern society
Organizations have been around for a while and become a
dominant form
Organizations keep coming
Important to think about what each organization does and the
power structure around it
Research organizations, social organizations
School and university and mental hospitals, prison all carrying
Production/ distribution, where your clothes come from
Provision of services, maid services
Protection, police
Preservation of culture: museums, churches, libraries, university
Capacities of Organizations
Things that strike out of organizations
Organizations are durable
oThey persist overtime
oThey are expected to be stable, longevity, and endurance
oDoes not mean it will be e.ective
Organizations meant to be reliable
oThey do the same thing over and over again
oHave rules, routines, strong cultures, specialized
oReliable but may not be adaptable
oReliable because they have ways to give
oCant deal with change that well
Organizations are accountable
oThere are rules
oBehaviours that must be followed
oHave guidelines and justications for decisions
oLegal codes, records, paper trail, enforcement
oDoes not prevent crime and corruption
Collective Action
See organizations has a collective action
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