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Lecture 7

SOC209H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Police Misconduct, Shoplifting, Neighborhood Watch

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Philip Goodman

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February 28, 2013
Lecture 7
Biblio assignment
- guidelines posted
- topic due next week should be interesting
- topic within criminology, some discussed in class
- then narrow to more specific topic
- 6 journal articles on the topic need to use something that is on the
- intro and analysis of all articles
- Summary and analysis need to go together analyzing while
RCMP in the News, Again
CBC news:
Workplace harassment probed by MPs
Allegation abuse by police
Murdered and missing aboriginal women
Bullying in RCMP and sexual harassment because of the racial
and gender change in culture, and change in composition
Head of RCMP was answering questions about issues facing
the force in Canada
Evidence of issues in policing within aboriginal
Underpolicing, and not properly investigating, and deaths/
murder in aboriginal women etc
Within police force there is sexual harassment as well as
police to citizens
Federal police force in Canada, professional force, very well
funded, so sup?
Why there are so many problems? What is going on? Why do
we care?
o Part o this could be because of Federal supervision
o Under federal law and capacities under contract,
sometimes this town has federal and other part only
criminal code. What are they doing where
o RCMP investigates itself so it is problematic
Depending who the officer is education, training,
experience, gender is a factor, “good cop” defining, debate
between generalization (gender)
o Institutional problems, debate

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o Is it companies or agencies failure in taking
Background into Policing in Canada
- About 60,000 police officers across Canada
about one for every 529 Canadians. Compare to about one
officer for every 400 people in U.S. Also lower ratio than
Australia, Great Britain
o Fewer police officers in Canada
Largest cost item in the JS
o About 60% of total CJ funding
o About $300 per Canadian per year high number,
spending a lot of money to them - what are we getting
for it?
Structure of policing Complicated system
Level of system of policing forcing diff types of laws
o Federal
o Provincial
o Municipal
o First Nations
Also public transportation police, private security
- Table: 3.1
what does it mean?
o Most frequent lists most common things
Calls on injured or sick, property damage, noise
alarms, car accident all of them are important
Deeply concerned about police force that
making sure they are using the force correctly not
too aggressive
Routine as a police officer challenging,
research, what we are really worried about
They become too paranoid cultivation working
Given this, how would you describe what everyday policing is
Some Key issues
- Double-Edge sword of visibility
G-20 vs. death of Sgt. Ryan Russell)
How do police take care of the protests
A police officer got killed by snow plow Ryan
- Public perception vs. reality
police officers as heroes
4 year olds say police officer, firefighter
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