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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 Notes

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Paula Maurutto

Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms Friday, November 2, 2012  Guarantees every Canadian citizen certain basic rights and freedoms o Defines our common rights 1. The Limitations Clause  Your rights and freedoms can be limited but only in order to protect other rights or national values o I.e. hate propaganda and pornography  In order to limit the right, the state/government must prove the infringement is a reasonable limit in a free and democratic society  Government’s response must be reasonable and democratically justified  Consistently used to limit freedom of expression especially in the area of hate propaganda 2. Fundamental Freedoms  You are free to practice any religion you want and believe what you want  Freedom of the press has been recently denied on many occasions  You have the right to demonstrate, such as the G20 protests  Freedom of association 3-5. Democratic Rights  3 – Every Canadian citizen over 18 can vote  4 – No House of Commons and no legislative assembly shall continue longer than five years (usually after 4 years)  5 – Those that you vote for actually have to sit and do some work (at least once a year) 6. Mobility Rights  You can move from one province to another, you can drive across the borders in Canada 7. Legal Rights  Right to life, liberty and security  Morgan Taller case: Taller challenged the state control over abortion 8-14. Legal Rights of Accused Persons 
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