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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Notes

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Paula Maurutto

Lecture 7: Court Structure October 26, 2012 Supreme Court of Canada is the highest court in Canada – based in Ottawa  You can appeal to the Supreme Court, if you appeal to something higher, it is to the International court  Consists of 9 judges – represents the country’s regions  Usually hears cases of national importance  About 100 cases a year Generally every province and some territories have two levels of superior courts – one to hear trials and one to hear appeals  Superior courts usually handle cases that deal with large amounts of money, violence, etc. Federal Court of Appeal is usually the highest court in the province or territory, reviews decisions of lower courts Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal handle issues that apply under federal laws Tax Courts handle disputes of tax issues Court Martial Appeal Court and Military Courts are specific to the military – the military has it’s own court structure and rules and regulations The Federal Government will appoint cases to the Supreme Court of Canada Most judges at the provincial level are appointed by provincial government In Canada, judges are appointed by the government, not through election Court Structure in Ontario Trials usually enter into the Superior Court of Justice or the Ontario Court of Justice, and if there is an appeal you appeal to the Court of Appeal for Ontario, and from there you can appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada Court of Appeal for Ontario is the highest court in the province, hears appeals from judgments of lower courts – 98% of cases are ended here; only 1-2% are appealed to the Supreme Court of Canada Court of Appeal for Ontario has 22 judges, for any cases you will either have 1 or 3 judg
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