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Nathan Innocente

November 1 st SOC 209  Section 1: limitations Clause  Hate or racist literature would express and counter challenge them for other rights of free of harrasement,  These can be reasonable, super sited  Section 2: Fundamental Freedoms  Right to express our views  Gathering in places  All are fundamental freedoms  Comes out often  Section 7: Legal rights  Violation of human rights  Right to life liberty, security  Government should not be able to dictate to life liberty  Section 8-14  We have the right to be tried for a reasonable limited of time  Askov was charged for weapon. 3 years from the time he was charged to the time he was arrested. Supreme court agreed and had tens of thousands  People who are charged with offences their case was gone, as it was 3 years and it should be 6-8 months  For murder it takes a long time to arrest and charge is before. Takes time in investigation.  Section 12  Cruel and unusual  Also used for routine strip searches, and court ruled that it constituted cruel punishment  Under control situation perform search  R.V Smith: Fighting obnoxious and cannot use the strip search in that way, and have to have a good use when using it  Do you think the police should have the right to do that?  Put him in a cell as a undercover police officer.  The supreme court said that its not admissible because the police were not respecting the offenders legal rights  Equality  Formal equality:  is treating everyone the same under the law, and mostly uner the feminist critique of being treated the same  Substantive Equality:  Basis of discrimination, and branch of feminism  Section 15-2 Equality  Certain quota of people  Experimental design- identical education, white males with criminal records and they send it out with employees  Concept of Equality  We know that we want equality but what is the standard or will differences exist  Is it all about equal treatment 
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