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SOC209 courts and law

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Philip Goodman

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SOC209 March 4 th Issues in Laws and Courts - court hierarchy structure Supreme Court - Quebec under civil rather than common law - 9 delegates - making law and deciding law - supreme court has the highest power – the word is final o parliament can step in and re-write the law in a way to overturn a decision of the supreme court and vice versa Superior Court - 2 levels – trial courts and appeal courts - immune from politics and election issues - stark contrast to US - handle across provinces o variety of offences – criminal/civil/charter challenges - much better resource and much better funded than provincial courts o more similarity across provinces than provincial courts Court Structure in Ontario Court of Appeal for Ontario Superior Court of Justice Ontario Court of Justice - divisional court - small claims court - family court - Superior court – hears all civil and criminal matter o what is the content difference with Ontario Court of Justice  indictable offences – preliminary hearing  family law, civil suits  49 in Ontario - Court of Justice o more than 200 Proliferation of Specialized Courts - some types o community courts  jurisdiction over very low offences  diverted from trial courts to community courts  goals are often to problem solve – explicit mission to decriminalize – these types of cases (loitering, etc.) can
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