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SOC209H5 Lecture Notes - Nypd Blue

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Philip Goodman

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January 21st
Rafter: Shots in the Mirror
-traditional crime films frameworks:
ocriticize some aspects of society (police brutality, legal barriers to
justice, etc)
oidentifying a character who restores order
-thus crime films are “progressive” nut mot radical
-since 1970s, “alternative tradition” refusing easy answers and neat endings
Why they went bad: Criminology in Crime Films
-drawing on, and embodying, popular criminological explanations
-major types:
oborn bad
omade bad
otwisted psyches
insane, perverted, sick and diseased – need to be incapacitated
oaspiration and longing
-“alternative tradition”
oextra category when things don’t quite fit
osome films resist the temptation to present simplistic notions of why
people commit crimes
-do movies cause crime?
ono direct link
Eschhoz et al: Images of Crime in Television
-how much of an impact do television shows like Law and Order and NYPD Blue
make on people’s beliefs?
odiscrepancies in the ratios
oover-represent homicides
ooverstate success rates
Beckett: Role of the Media
-media’s role in agenda setting
owhat/how/why presented
opublic’s attitudes are shaped by the media
-Beckett’s larger thesis: first politics, then fear of crime, then punitiveness
-Crime and drug issues as packages and frames
ocrime packages: respect for authority, balance needs, civil liberties
under attack, poverty causes crime
odrug packages: get the traffickers, zero-tolerance, need more
resources, war fails
-the vast majority of people that do the talking to the media on crime and
drugs are state sponsored actors
ocontrol oriented views on crime
olarger image: people are not committing crime because they are poor,
they are doing it because they are criminals
people know what they are doing and it is organized crime and
they are committed to a certain lifestyle
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