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Jan 9 2012Soc209 lec 2punitivenessjustice generally what should we do with those who broke the law Is crime in canada on the rise some crimes are down homicides ext but there are more laws to break as well internet laws identity theft etc why are particular dates chosen Crime rates doubled since 1974 Difference in crime ratesis youth crime increasing Media has a big role in influencing citizens that it is increasingare criminal justice measures tough enough What does tough mean does it mean tough for a certain crime or tough in general if your tough on crime it is used to prevent others to commit the same crime is this true Where do our perceptions of crime come from medianews tv shows The new punitiveness adapting to crime through a culture of control cannot prevent crime or criminals so we must try to control it we cant rehabilitate so we control them usually through imprisonment Prison is usually the central punishment for crimesglobal trends number of punishments increasing length of time in prision Mandatory minimum introduced in 1995 there are 29 of these offences that if committed you will get a certain amount of time at the very minprivate members bills try to stop certain crimes usually happens after someone gets injured usually killed linking the punishment to a victim0 tolerance strategies people who commit an offence regardless if it is your first time you will be punished3 strikes legislation if you commit an offence 3 times then you get a certain punishementcrime omenamise billJustification for these punitiveness raising crime rates public disorder more people causing trouble 1 occured accross districts similarity people dont care about each other anymoreincreasing amount of harsh punishements no connection to decreasing crime rates4 justification for punishement1 retribution let the punishment fit the crime more serous crimes desever the more serious punishments Proportional just deserts modelmost criminal justice systems
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