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Lecture 2 Thinking critically about law and crime Justice and crime need to be carefully consideredwhat we mean by crimewhat factors affecgt itcause we all dont agree on what crime is1 Newpunitivness weget more focusedo tougher crimeswhat the model says about how the criminal justice is 2 The new punitiveness New trendis the new punitiveor cultural controlor feardifferent namesa trend towards harsher criminal justie policiesin typicall westernized countrieuscanda England etcIf you look at staticisin usincrease in use of imprisonmentmore crimes that lead to imprisionmentexif someone was to punch someone at schoolknown as assault chargethis wouldnt be hte case 20 yrs ago Homeless popincreasing the number of ppl in courtwe now have madnitory prison sentences for certain crimesnew in Canada1995We also have zero tolerance chargeswhere a lot mmore kids are being charged Another ex3strike a 3 rd offencemeans imprisonment no matter how minor the charge is ExIn some countriescaptial punishmentnot in Canadabut yes in us china and japan All of this a global trendassumption is that its happening equally among all countriesthe reason for global trendisits a tough measure responsefear of society of growing crime ratesyet when looking at statsthe trend of increasing harsher lawsis also when the crime rates are droppingWhere is the call for harsher laws comning from then 3 Justification for punsihemnet There are four cateogriesmain ones 1 Retirubtionthe idea that the most serious crimes deserves the most serious punihsnment those who disobey the lawought to be some sort of payment back to societyor to the victim of the crimeMost countrieshave combination of four of them 2deterrancethe threat of punishment is gona affect the trend of crimeswhen most ppl do the crimethey do cons and pro ananalysisand see from theredid not get all If we make it difficult to make hte crimethey wont commit itThe deterrence way does not work with all groups of offendersbecause if you ask some offendersif they thought they would get caughtthey will all say nolike kids
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