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Issues in Policing Background

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Philip Goodman

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February 11th
Issues in Policing
Background into policing in Canada
-about 60,000 police officers across Canada
oabout 1/529 Canadians – compare to about 1/400 in US – also lower ratio than
Australia and Great Britain
-largest cost item in the justice system
oabout 60% of total CJS funding
oabout $300/Canadian per year
-structure of policing
ofirst Nations
Some Key Issues
-double-edged sword of visibility (ex. G-20 vs. death of Sgt. Ryan Russell)
-police in a democratic society: public order and/or individual rights?
-public perceptions vs. realities
-first nations policing
-working personality
-gypsy officers
-gender and female officers
-is training a panacea?
-1982 Charter as restricting police powers
orequiring judicial authorization of some investigative techniques
oexcluding evidence
opleading not guilty, “abuse of process”
ocase law under Charter, full disclosure, no “knock notice”, almost always require
warrant limiting jail house “snitches”
obut not all restrictions: DNA, new types of warrants, broad terrorism policing
-reasonable search
oauthorized by law
olaw itself must be reasonable
omanner carried out must be reasonable
but what is reasonable?
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