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Zachary Levinsky

soc209 lcThe Effects of PunishmentMental Illness and solitary Confinement 3 office hours this week today230330tues1 3wed1 3Lecture Outlinethe relationship between mental healthconfinement system gender difference the effects of solitary confinement the use of solitary confinement in Canada in particular for eg when you can use the wholethey have rules as to how long you can stay there who is allowed to get in there underwhat conditions etccase of Ashley SmithMental Health and the Criminal Justice ssytemover the past 30 eyars Canada has seen a massive increase in their populationwe seen this as a rise of punitive punishment come in with the decline of rehabilitation the rise of people with mental illness becomes very importantoverepresetantion of aboriginal in provincial and federal system the rise of the population coincicdenet with a massive changeknown as deinstutiontalizationafter the creation of anti depressions nad medicationthere was assumptions that you dont have to keep them away for long time on confinementyou can use medication so the 1970s was a new process shut down mental hospitalsand shut down bedsand these psycho poeple came onto the street the lack of community mental healthoften gets these individuals in contact with the police becuase hteir behavour can be disruptive etcthat can bring attention for spcial agents of control eg polic e if someone is yelling at the street and there is no one near themthey often do crime heavy theft property related stuff and they get caught mental illness peopleare no more likely to commit crime than usbut there was a perception that they willSteven harper cartoon he has his beaucrat in front of himthis is common reaction to the problem of poor and mentally illthey end up in the prison populationso our prison population booms because of this80 are one drugs and 61 hhave dianigosis why 1 unfrotunatly medication are used to control behaviour not treat illnessif someone is being disruptive sometimes antipsychotic mediactiaons are given and anti depressants are given in order to depress behaviour and that stop their behaviour2 the use of meds for controlpeople are properly diagnosedthe increase of medication in community e xtends in the prisons nad people who get into prison are not evualated there properly eitherThe poor dianisgoses prior to incarceration leaves many poeple with profound mental illnessvery select group for eg schizo bipolar conditiosn anti social personalty disroder extreme forms of depresison In order to even get access to whatever treatment is availablethey really do limit who is able to get access to this medication That really means anyone who is a bit drepressed have some anxiet and
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