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Lecture 5

Lecture 5 Notes

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David Brownfield

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Lecture 5: Policing October 12, 2012 **Remember – the midterm is next week!! Worth 30% Will be broken down into three different parts: PART A (10%) MC Questions – coming from textbook/some from lecture notes Don’t remember specific dates, but remember general trends, remember key terms (identified at beginning of chapters), look at headings at the beginning of chapters PART B (10%) Long Essay Question – two questions, choose one! Several pages, no specific number, do not use point form, essay format It will be on large issues discussed in lectures, generally a topic we discussed in class AND may or may not be taken up in the lecture PART C (10%) Two shorter essay questions, 5% each, “3 choices of definition and give description and explain significance of…choose two” – make sure you write enough to give you 5% In the criminal justice system, there is an overrepresentation of Aboriginals and minorities Poverty of itself does not lead to crime, but when is poverty linked to other factors such as poor education, lack of education, violence, mental illness, this increases the risk for a life of crime There are few social supports in Northern Native communities Aboriginals are more likely than others to be sent to custody, and when they are sent to custody, there is a lack of programming Po
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