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Lecture 1 Notes

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David Brownfield

1. Diverse Conceptions of Deviance and Methodological Strategies Reading: Downes et al., pp. 1-50, Adler and Adler, pp. 1-56 Sept. 13, 2012  First test (Oct.18) can be either a multiple choice or essay based test, past years have generally been essay-based for the first test (35%)  Second test (Nov.22) will be a multiple choice based test (25%)  No final exam! Defining Deviant Behaviour  Deviant behaviour is defined as the actions of persons considered to be not right, just, or proper o Includes a broad spectrum of acts/statuses: crime, poverty, mental illness, drug use, suicide, etc. o Crime is a synonym for deviant behaviour  Goffman: Stigma refers to a mark of infamy or disgrace, the tendency for the scope of the subject of deviance to broaden, to include more statuses and behaviours o Goffman describes deviance in terms of: sexuality, race, culture, etc. o Identity norm are characteristics that are admired or have higher status, those who do not meet the criteria are subject to a stigma and lower status Clinard’s four definitions of deviance  Absolutist definition: Most people have accepted a single, shared definition of deviance o I.e. violations of criminal law o Problems with this
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