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SOC211 LEC 3

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Reza Barmaki

SOC211 Lecture 3 Classical School of CriminologyWhat makes human beings do thingsSocial forceseconomic political forces If you commit crime because youre poorMain PeopleJeremy Bentham 17481832Cesare Beccaria 17381794 Human Nature Free Willo choose what to doHedonisticavoid pain o Seek pleasureo Individuals choose their action based on this principle o Not just physical or sexual pleasureyou can get pleasure from reading a bookRational o Costbenefit calculation based on the knowledge they have analysis o Moralityrationality must be separated CrimeSociety Society is also a victim of offenders crimesOffenders violate social contractEach individual should give up a part of their pleasureinterest for that of everyoneSecurity peace o Security is a form of pleasurewe can walk down halls without having to worry of being attacked We all understand thisagree with it social contract Criminals put their own pleasure before society thats why they get punished for it Punishment Is necessary to secure social orderAs a deterrentprevents the criminal actionChanges the balance of pleasure and pain in favour of painIt must be o Swift certain proportionateMake sure the punishment outweighs the benefit for people to behave
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